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In Demand: Freelancing in 2015 with Kevin Rogers, Brian McLeod & John Carlton

Join me and the Copy Chief himself, Kevin Rogers for another jam-packed Copy Chief Live Training session on Tuesday March 31st at 3 PM Eastern. Our special guest is the one and only John Carlton. Kevin shot a quick 3 minute video with all the details here..

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The Gary Halbert Letters All-Star Audio Series is LIVE…

I’ve been chomping at the bit for close to a year now, keeping a HUGE secret and waiting to share something amazing with you. Just a few minutes ago, I hung up the phone with Bond Halbert and was given the go-ahead because… The Gary Halbert Letters All-Star Audio Series is now live on iTunes!

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Podcast Interview: Hero Theory with Mike Murphy

I was interviewed recently by an old pal, Mike Murphy for his excellent Hero Theory podcast. Here’s the audio:

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