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Tarpon Springs, Florida

If you're a smart entrepreneur or business owner searching for the perfect creative partner to help you spread your message to the world - you'll be very glad you found your way here today.

You may or may not realize this yet, but…

It's very likely that you’ve already seen my work in nearly all major media.

  • National Television Advertising (DRTV)
  • Direct Mail
  • Corporate Communications
  • Press & Publicity
  • Radio Advertising
  • …as well as across the Web and throughout social media.
David Garfinkel

Brian McLeod has a rare gift of understanding how marketing and business really work.

And he’s unusually generous to clients and students in passing that knowledge on, so they can cash in on it.

If you have the opportunity to work with Brian or learn from him, grab it immediately.

Doing so will make a huge improvement in your own financial situation, and create a major enhancement in your quality of life.

David Garfinkel Legendary Copywriter & Business Mentor
Spike Humer

Brian, you’re too kind and too humble.

You’re the man who makes the magic happen for so many people on so many levels.

Time to toot you’re own horn – you’re a hidden gem that people who “know”, know.

Spike Humer Spike Humer International
Michael Hiles

There are few individuals in the marketing community who I will actually openly endorse.

Very few in fact. Brian McLeod is one of those individuals.

He understands marketing as a strategic function of business – not just some random things you do to try and get someone to click the “Buy Now” button.

Michael Hiles Founder, Intellig8

I’ve reached tens of millions of consumers throughout the world, across the entire spectrum of advertising.

If there's a way to make prospects sit up, pay attention and respond... I've done it, I'm doing it and I'd love to put that experience and expertise to work for you, too.

My work has produced 9 figures in sales revenue for my clients – well over $100,000,000

When you hire Brian McLeod and the team at LoudMac Creative to help you market and grow your business, you leverage more than 20 years of hard-fought, in-the-trenches marketing expertise.

But don’t let that intimidate you…

I’m easy to work with, happy to talk to you with no obligation, and make it ridiculously easy to get started immediately.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to get Brian McLeod…

Ron Gatt

“LoudMac” is one of the most talented thought leaders and implementers in marketing today.

I’ve been riveted at 5 am here, fortunate to listen for the past few months to Brian’s golden insights about anything from copywriting to video production and beyond on his live show.

I can truly say that to discover how to succeed in the production of an amazing product this is an extremely special opportunity …

Ron Gatt Founder, Mobicademy