The Gary Halbert Letters All-Star Audio Series is LIVE…

I’ve been chomping at the bit for close to a year now, keeping a HUGE secret and waiting to share something amazing with you.

Just a few minutes ago, I hung up the phone with Bond Halbert and was given the go-ahead because…

The Gary Halbert Letters All-Star Audio Series is now live on iTunes!

halbert_book2_400x477Bond and Kevin Halbert have assembled a line-up of direct-response copywriting royalty to read their favorite Gary Halbert Letters and provide their own unique commentary on the lessons they contain, and some of their favorite stories and insights about Gary.

We’re talking about the very best of the best like Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos, Michael Gerber, Joe Sugarman, Scott Haines… and more.

The collection comes on two iTunes “albums” – Part 1 and Part 2.

Each album contains 7 Gary Halbert Letter commentaries, read by a different expert and introduced by the one and only Kevin Rogers.

Here’s all the details – including a quick ten-minute sizzle reel where you’ll hear Jay Abraham read an excerpt from a never-before published Gary Halbert Letter called “Tugboats”.

The Gary Halbert Letters All-Star Audio Series


I’m equally excited to share the opportunity to join David Garfinkel (who reads and comments on “The Water Ad” on Part 1 of the audio series) and I for a free one-night only live training webinar for our Fast Effective Copy members next Wednesday evening called “The Halbert Legacy” featuring our special guests, Bond & Kevin Halbert.



  • Wednesday, August 27th
  • 8:00 PM Eastern
  • 5:00 PM Pacific

We'll be digging deep into the making of this "new classic" as well as uncovering a bunch of surprises - you'll definitely want to be there to interact live with Bond, Kevin, David and I.

Click below to register free:

Monthly Live Training Webinar | Fast Effective Copy

We had originally scheduled the webinar for tonight, but delays with the release from iTunes pushed us back a week...

So next Wednesday it is... 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. Yes, it will be recorded, but you should really be there live for the most fun...

Anyway, I'm really happy for Bondo and Kevin and excited for you guys to check it out. This has been a TON of work for everyone involved.

I'm extraordinarily proud of my small contributions behind the scenes to be part of the Gary Halbert legacy and future of the Gary Halbert Letter. I'm forever indebted to that man and view that website as the Smithsonian for direct-response copywriting...

Most of all, I can't wait for my turn to read one of the letters on a future edition!




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