Where the BLEEP is McLeod?

Over the weekend, the JVZoo team hosted another extraordinary Marketing Mayhem live marketing conference & networking event in Orlando.

I wasn’t there for this one, but many of my long-time friends in the business were…

And one by one, they’ve been hitting me up to share what a good time they had (or were in the middle of having!)… how they missed hanging out with me there, and to tell me how many folks kept asking them all weekend long:

“Hey, where’s McLeod? Haven’t seen him in forever! What’s he up to?”

That really drove the point home that I needed to fire off a quick note and check in…

I’m not going to sugar-coat it – my life hasn’t been all that much fun lately.

The short version: my wife developed a virulent and debilitating digestive micro-biome imbalance (super-aggressive Candida overgrowth). We had no idea how bad something like that could get.

It caught us all by surprise and took her totally out of commission from June all the way through December. We’re talking sick in bed, literally unable to get up and out, feeling like a zombie 3-4 days a week, every week… for months on end.

Now, if your household is anything like mine, when Mama Bear goes down… the whole ship starts getting dangerously close to the rocks.

I was a mess…. worried to death and just couldn’t focus or function like normal.

Thankfully, after months of a miserably restrictive diet and an intense probiotic regimen Heather’s back to full health and we’re back to sailing in calmer waters again.

Mea Culpa: Sorry I haven’t stayed in touch better…

I just haven’t felt like hopping on Facebook or firing off emails about marketing lately. I’m sure you can probably relate.

And that brings us around to the most important point of this message…

How can I help YOU?

As you should know by now, for over twenty years I’ve been helping info-marketers and solo entrepreneurs create true, world-class marketing for their products and services.

Today, I’m opening up the doors for the first time in a long time – and offering to work one-on-one with a very small, select number of private clients in April/May.

  • Need a pro’s pro to punch up your sales copy or craft a kick-ass email sequence to drive sales? 
  • Want a smooth, modern, high-end design for a VSL, webinar or presentation slides? 
  • Need help fleshing out a cash-pulling sales funnel to introduce a new product or recruit affiliates?

We can make that and a whole lot more happen a whole lot easier than you might think…

The first step is to simply book a private 90 minute consultation session that we’ll do together over Skype or my GoToMeeting account. 

We might go a little longer than 90 minutes if we’re really rockin’  (I’m not gonna hawk the clock when the gold is flowing!) but the session will definitely be a minimum of 90 minutes of my direct, undivided, one-on-one attention on your most pressing marketing challenge.

The cost is a single, stupidly affordable $500 payment and includes a complete recording of the entire session. PLUS, any and all creative work that we develop during our time together is done as a “work for hire” – meaning zero royalties with no future obligation.

Click below to claim your spot:

During our session, we’ll decide together right there and then what the next steps should be, if any.

Now, there’s only one catch…

This email is going out to thousands but I can only accept a handful of new clients for this special offer.

So, you MUST book your session RIGHT NOW if you want claim one of the spots!

You’ll be taken to a secure Paypal payment page, then automatically redirected to my simple pre-consultation questionnaire after your transaction completes successfully.

I’ll follow up with you directly to confirm your preferred date and time for the session (as indicated on the questionnaire.)

Click below to claim your spot:


  • Iris Rounds-Johnson

    Reply Reply March 21, 2016

    Hi, Brian!!!

    So glad your wife’s health is being restored.

    This type of Candida in the system is so hard to pinpoint. Maybe someone experiencing the same or similar symptoms my be in a better position to nail things down after reading your story and the symptoms from which your wife suffered.

    Health and personal issues have thrown me off-course a bit, too. I’m in the process of re-grouping and creating a sales funnel and lead magnet for a website I hope to build out into an authority site this year. Staying focus and sticking to the plan has not been easy, though. 🙁

    So glad to have you back in the IM scene! 🙂

    • Brian McLeod

      Reply Reply March 21, 2016

      Hi Iris,

      Thanks for the note.

      Yep, this wasn’t just a casual Candida overgrowth like one might encounter after taking a round of antibiotics, etc. That can usually be turned around in a matter of days to a couple of weeks, tops.

      What Heather had to deal with was an entirely different beast with symptoms ranging from auto-immune problems and joint pain to maddening skin irritation plus a plague of other small miseries.

      Once we got her diet and supplement regimen together she started making good progress on knocking it out. The die-off cycles were brutal and overall she just felt wretched an awful lot of the time. I don’t know anybody who likes drinking shots of Apple Cider Vinegar or spoonfuls of Coconut Oil but when you feel like she did – you do it! 🙂

      Appreciate you, Iris!



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